Histoire... Le BRETAGNE


The first Crêperie in Japan

In 1996, Bertrand Larcher, native of Fougère in Brittany, introduced the first crêperie ever serving authentic 100% buckwheat galettes, crêpes and of course cider to Japan.

Raised on a farm, Bertrand learned from a very young age how to appreciate fine products and is therefore today very selective when it comes to choosing his buckwheat flour, ham, eggs, farm-fresh vegetables and other ingredients.
The preparation of traditional galettes and crêpes requires a real craftsmanship, which Bertrand puts to heart when sharing it together with Brittany's culture in Japan.

Step into any of our 10 branches in Japan and it is our hope that you will enjoy our galettes, crêpes and feel a bit of Brittany's culture while sipping our imported ciders!